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Apple Watch pivots to 'Guardian of Health'

by Ashwin Rajan

I'd written a piece ahead of the first Apple Watch launch back in 2015 originally on HealthSpa's blog.

In there, I said : "I believe that if Apple does introduce a wearable device this year, it will be about three things: health, health and health."

I am not into predictions per se. But it is interesting to see that the Apple watch has now - in its 4th incarnation - pivoted head-on into being a health-centric wearable. With tons of oomph to boot. Put those two together and what do you get: boomers.

The watch seems to be headed for the sunset generation that wants more mobility ( i.e. wants to travel) AND has money. Neat. Painkiller products sell better and for more than vitamin (nice-to-have) products.

The pitch 'a guardian for your health' is revealing. Who wants guardians? Kids and elders, not teens or adults. Those need companions.

From the above article: "At its product showcase, Apple announced a host of new health features for the fourth series of the Apple Watch that are clearly targeted at aging users. "Fall prevention, AFib detection and slow heart rate alerts are ideally targeted to baby boomers, where the prevalence of these conditions is much higher," said Jeffrey Wessler, a cardiology fellow at Columbia University Medical Center. "If, and that's a big if, Apple can get older populations to properly use the devices, the results could be outcome-changing."

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