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Music for Every Moment: Spotify in the Shower; on the Road

by Ashwin Rajan

Music can evoke among the most deeply emotional experiences us humans can ever have. We all know that. Now Spotify is making inroads into fascinating new behavioural interventions that tap into the power of music to enhance our lived experiences.

Spotify's play here would be two-fold: i) learn about your context so it can actually fill in the 'content' for advertisers wanting to reach you in 'micro-moments' of experience. And ii) of course, to bring you music the perfect track for the moment. How is Spotify doing this? 

First, Spotify wants to make your showers more memorable

"Water companies across the country have begun to encourage showers of four minutes or less as water supplies hit peak demand thanks to weeks of unbroken sunshine and temperatures of 33C. To encourage this routine of thrifty cleanliness, WaterAid has released a Spotify playlist of 40 songs that all run for four minutes precisely."

An executive describes the project as “music behavioural economics at work”. (link)

And then, Spotify wants to travel with you!

From the article: "More and more, people are streaming their music from Spotify while on the go. In some cases, that means they’re using their mobile devices for both music and navigation, with navigation as the most widely used non-music app in the car. Now, instead of switching back and forth between your tunes and your directions, our new integration with Google Maps allows you to control what you’re listening to from Spotify right in the Maps app." (link)

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